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The 5 more frequent errors when cooking meat


Fry immediately after removing from the refrigerator:

Putting the meat to cook directly from the refrigerator on the fire can cause the meat to be unevenly cooked. Since the meat is very cold, the meat may be cooked on the outside, but on the inside it remains raw.
TIP: Leave it 15 to 30 minutes outside before cooking it so that it acquires a uniform temperature throughout the piece.


Do not dry the surface of the piece:

Before cooking it is advisable to dry the steak with paper towels if we want a thin crust on the surface. With this, you can preserve the taste inside. If there is humidity on the surface of the meat, the water may boil and becomes steam, that will prevent the meat from searing.


Place on a cold frying pan:

A hot surface will help us obtain more tasty meat and pleasing to the palate. The frying pan or the griddle have to be very hot.


Turn it more than once:

What is achieved by doing this is to make it easier for the meat to stick to the pan. Pork chops or steak need some time to cook the surface well. It is also not advisable to prick the meat because this stops the process of juice recirculation produced while cooking.


Cut the meat immediately after cooking:

It is important to wait at least 5 minutes before eating it since all the juices are concentrated in the middle and when cutting it just after cooking it cuts the circulation of the juices around the piece.