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Meat tenderizers

Do you sometimes wonder why certain ingredients are called as tenderizers?
Are you always looking for a way to improve the texture of that meat cut?

Here we have several different ingredients to try (some will surprise you ...)

Coarse salt or marine salt/kosher salt

Sometimes we are warned about not to season with salt before cooking because the result would be hard or dry meat. We recommend using COARSE SALT OR MARINE SALT OR KOSHER SALT one hour before cooking your meat cut. This wonderful ingredient makes the protein break and improves the texture of meat keeping all its juices sealed.

Sal gruesa o sal marina/sal Kosher

TEA: yes, yes...tea!

It is used as a natural tenderizer since it contains tannins. We recommend black tea!


Wine, citric juices and vinegar

These ingredients are acidic liquids that are used to tenderize the muscle fiber and obviously add a spectacular flavor! For citric juices use LEMON, LIME OR PINEAPPLE. For vinegars, use APPLE CIDER, BALSAMIC VINEGAR or WHITE VINEGAR. Wine is also a great option because it contains tannins and also tenderize the meat.

Vino, jugos cítricos y vinagre

Tomato-based sauce

Tomatoes are considered acidic, which is why several barbecue sauces are made of this ingredient, they also include vinegar and increase the acidic level.

Salsas a base de tomate


Perfect ingredient to add flavor and soften the texture of the meat as it contains acids, Alpha and tannins.


Did you know...?

Recipes to marinate contain 3 ingredients: An acid, oil and herbs and spices.

  • The acid is used to soften.
  • Herbs and spices are used for their flavor.
  • Oils are used to moisturize and moisten and add more flavor. Also to protect the surface of meat protein.

TIP: When you use a recipe with some acid marinade, use glass plates since stainless steel has to react with the acid affecting the final product.