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Our History

This is a story written with the ink of enthusiasm, vision and desire to continue doing what the 18-year-old Italian was most passionate about. His name is Fortunato Mangravita.

He, like many immigrants of his time, left his country due to war, some to seek new opportunities, others to seek security and tranquility. In the case of Fortunato in order to keep alive a tradition and a legacy that for years had been passed from generation to generation by his family and that unfortunately due to the war could end right there.

But he was not willing to surrender to his enemies or his vocation.

That is why, full of dreams and desires to succeed, he travels to Panama where he begins a project that is today the faithful example that when something is done with the heart and talent, the results cannot be other but the best. This is how the Mangravita's tradition of Panama begins. A tradition that grows with the country and is updated at its own pace, understanding the tastes and needs of yesterday's customers and today's customers.

For some reason, we already have 60 years of quality and we continue being the top producers and distributors in Panama and Central America, in addition to supplying the most demanding franchises established in Panama, as well as hotels, restaurants and hospitals.

Stories like those of Fortunato Mangravita never end, because they are written every day, they are lived in every moment and they are shared with the best company.